TRT/MTS SoftWave Therapy is a non-invasive therapy device that produces shockwaves using a unique, ground-breaking technique.

It has never-before-seen benefits for both athletics and genetic engineering. Chronic pain is eased rapidly, and healing is sped up with long-lasting results.

This is a unique, dramatic change. Let us learn about the various verticals of Softwave Therapy and Soft Wave Therapy TRT in this article. 

So you want to know what is soft wave therapy and what it treats? 

Then this guide will be helpful:

  • The difference between software and shock wave therapy?
  • Soft wave and tissue regeneration?
  • How is soft wave currently being used?
  • Cancer treatment 
  • Knee Pain 
  •  plantar fasciitis
  • Erectile Dysfunction 
  • Reviews: Meet the patients 
  • How much does it cost?
  • Softwave therapy in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Choosing the right medical professional 
  • Will Softwave therapy work for me?
  • Is Softwave Therapy FDA approved?

Why is Softwave Therapy Unique 

For more than 30 years, high-energy shock waves have been employed in medicine for kidney stones and other medical conditions.

Shockwave therapy proved to be effective during lithotripsy:

  • Shockwave had little to no side-effects
  • It broke down the stones 
  • Provided quick recovery  

Despite the incredible results of shockwave therapy, the researchers found a new wave therapy technique to treat a multitude of other medical conditions faster. 

 That novel technique is called Softwave therapy.

 Shockwave vs Softwave Therapy

Shock Wave Vs Soft Wave Therapy


Soft wave often gets confused with other types of shock wave therapy. To understand the difference, we must understand how the wave is created.

Shock wave therapy is a focused shock therapy which means it will take a longer time to cover an area of the body. 

On the other hand, the soft wave is unfocused and covers a larger area of the body. This makes soft wave therapy to be more effective because you can get results faster. 

Soft wave helps kill the inflammatory process within 24 hours of the first treatment, so results are often faster to witness.

The soft wave procedure is one of the few anti-inflammatory non-invasive procedures on the market right now.

Here are some of the benefits of soft wave therapy: 

  • It has a higher success rate
  • Very little side-effects 
  • Many patients can see results in days 
  • Soft wave therapy has long-lasting results 
  • Can be used with other treatment plans 
  • Helps with sexual problems such as E.D
  • Helps with tissue regeneration 

How does tissue regeneration work?

shock wave tissue regeneration


Soft wave therapy is used in tricking your body into thinking an injury has happened. 

How does the body respond to the injury?

When an injury happens the body responds by increasing the blood flow and starting the healing process. 

It is like working out, you break muscle to build muscle, however with this non-invasive procedure, you are not breaking anything, you are just triggering the same bodily response to injury. 

Does this information have scientific backing?

Yes, it does! There are many research papers that have been published to support this finding.

According to one study published by Science Direct, Softwave has shown to have a possible role in tissue regeneration and remodeling. 

This is not the only study to back this finding, several articles have been published on this topic. You can many of these publications here

Softwave therapy’s effect on cancer patients 

Shock wave therapy is currently being used to treat some types of cancers.

Scientists at Aberdeen University published a study in the the International Journal of Molecular Sciences which claims that high-intensity shock waves might be effective in treating some types of cancer. 

The team of scientists found that shock wave therapy could play a role in activating the white blood cell function in non-healing wounds. 

According to the lead researcher, the therapy was effective for some patients, but not for everyone. 

This new study can open the door to a new era for shock wave therapy beyond its traditional uses to help heal wounds and injuries. 

What is Shock Wave Therapy Used For?

Medical Conditions that are treated with Softwave threapy

Currently, a shock wave is being used to treat a wide array of medical conditions. 

Here are some of these conditions:

  • Pelvic pain
  • Nerve entrapment 
  • Facial disorders 
  • Scars 
  • Bone edema 
  • stress fractures 
  • tibial stress syndrome 
  • fibromyalgia
  • low back and neck pain 
  • ligament injuries 
  • Bursopathies 
  • Kidney stones 
  • carpal tunnel syndrome 


Softwave therapy and knee pain 

10% of the world’s population suffers from osteoarthritis, which is a common condition. Various authors claim that between 30 and 55 percent of orthopedic patients who consult their doctor have this condition.

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT), a novel treatment that offers alternatives to surgery in the treatment of deforming knee osteoarthritis, is a promising method of conservative therapy for patients with arthrosis.

High-energy acoustic waves start the acute or chronic injury’s natural healing process. Dormant stem cells in the body are drawn to the injury site during treatment to lessen pain and inflammation.

Anywhere on the body, severe injuries, including fractures and sprains, tendonitis, and wounds/scars, can all be treated with SoftWave Therapy.

Osteoarthritis of the knee is a common condition that restricts movement and causes joint pain and stiffness. Those 75 years and older are affected to a degree of over 50%.

Joint instability and structural changes, such as the loss of hyaline articular cartilage, bone remodeling, capsular stretching, and periarterial muscle weakening, are the root causes of pain.

Recent regulations for the management of symptomatic knee osteoarthritis include exercise, anti-inflammatory medications, transcutaneous electrical stimulation(TENS), and magnetic fields(MF), which relieve pain and improve the patient’s quality of life.

  • Method – Patients underwent ESWT using the BTL-6000 SWT TOPLINE device over the course of 3 to 6 sessions, separated by 3 to 6 days. 2000–3000 shocks between 1.5 and 3.5 bars, at varied frequencies between 10 and 15 Hz, were delivered during the session. 


  • Result – 85% of patients improved noticeably during the duration of treatment. In comparison to the initial data, the morning stiffness rate decreased by 44%, the joint index decreased by 39%, and the functional index decreased by 18%.


  • Conclusion – Deforming knee osteoarthritis can be effectively treated with shockwave therapy. Shockwave therapy lessens the painful symptoms and enhances knee joint function in 95% of cases. 


  • Success rates – After just one treatment, more than 80% of patients report a 10–20% improvement. The final result varies on a number of variables. However, following a complete course of treatment, the majority of patients report a healing rate of 60–80%+. Depending on your specific issue, you’ll probably have 6–10+ treatment sessions booked. 6–10 therapy sessions are typically required to reach the desired healing rate.

Frequently, the patient must start rehabilitation since they cannot finish their physical treatment. Softwave Therapy lessens the signs and symptoms of the injury, often eliminating pain after two or three treatments. This relieves tension, allowing the patient to continue their recovery successfully.

In other cases, we discover that Softwave Therapy will effectively treat the condition. The injuries will heal naturally. As a result, negating the need for additional medical attention.

Softwave therapy’s effect on Erectile Dysfunction 

Erectile dysfunction refers to the inability to get or keep an erection that lasts long enough to engage in sexual activity (impotence). Having erection issues now and then is not necessarily a reason for panic.

But if erectile dysfunction keeps happening, it can be a source of stress, a blow to your self-esteem, and a problem in your relationships. Problems obtaining or maintaining an erection can also be a risk factor for heart disease and a symptom of an underlying medical illness that needs to be treated.

A well-known medical procedure for many years is shockwave therapy. It is frequently used as a non-invasive therapy for orthopedic injuries and kidney stones. Urologists have recently started treating erectile dysfunction (ED) with this technique.

Patients with ED may choose shockwave therapy from the University of Utah Health. Patients who don’t respond well to medicine or don’t want more intrusive treatments are frequently advised to try shockwave therapy.

The use of shockwave therapy to treat ED is currently regarded as an experimental procedure. There is some evidence to back up its efficacy, but further study is needed to ascertain how effectively it works over the long term and if it can substitute or be used in conjunction with other effective ED treatments.

Who should try the soft wave protocol for Erectile dysfunction or ED

For men suffering from erectile dysfunction, softwave therapy could be an excellent alternative to traditional western medicine. 

Right now there is a specific soft wave protocol designed to treat men suffering from sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. 

  • Not sufficiently reacting to drugs,
  • Unwilling to take drugs, or
  • Interested in attempting regenerative medicine to treat some of the ED-related reasons.
  • Men with severe erectile dysfunction or other medical disorders, such as diabetes, prostate cancer, or heart disease, have not been adequately examined for treatment.

One of the several treatments for erectile dysfunction is shockwave therapy (ED). Though the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved it, multiple studiesTrusted Source that produces positive findings have backed the science behind such a pill-free treatment.

People with vasculogenic erectile dysfunction, a blood vessel condition that alters blood circulation to the tissue in the penis, seem to respond best to shockwave therapy. We are still unsure of the therapy’s efficacy for other erectile dysfunction reasons.

How does it work?

A wand-like device is used to deliver shockwave therapy close to certain penile regions. For roughly 15 minutes, a medical practitioner moves the device over various penile regions while it sends out moderate pulses. Anesthesia is not required.

The pulses cause the penis’s tissue to restructure and its blood flow to improve. Both of these modifications can result in erections strong enough for intercourse.

Risks of Softwave therapy for ED – 

Side effects are possible, however, they are uncommon and typically minor. These may consist of:

  • Discomfort at the operation location,
  • Bruise or bleeding around the penis
  • Pee with blood in it,
  • A penis-related skin infection,
  • Unpleasant erection, or
  • Growing penile curvature.

Although clinical studies have typically proved shockwave therapy to be efficient and secure, additional research is required to pinpoint potential hazards and the most successful erectile dysfunction treatment plans.

Time duration for an effective solution – 

The benefits of Softwave Therapy for ED are frequently noticeable within the first to three months for the majority of patients. Within the initial several weeks, the outcomes might be rather significant. Long-term studies and data are yet insufficient to determine how long the therapy might last, whether its effects might wear off, or if you will require further treatment in the future. 

Is Softwave therapy FDA Approved

According to reports, Soft Wave Therapy TRT is the only ESWT provider to have received regulatory clearance for both chronic (DFUs) and acute (burns) wounds. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given SoftWave Tissue Growth Technologies (SoftWave TRT) certification to treat second-degree burns that are superficial and partial in thickness.

As the only provider of extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) to have regulatory authorization for both acute (burns) and chronic wounds (DFUs), the bio-medical device business SoftWave TRT has already obtained FDA approval for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs).

Soft Wave Therapy TRT, its therapy method, uses unfocused external shock wave technology (uESWT) to trigger physical and biological reactions that will speed up the healing of wounds.

According to the business, the therapy is anticipated to give doctors caring for individuals with burn wounds an extra choice for mending burn wounds.

The FDA has approved SoftWave TRT for treating diabetic foot ulcers and acute, incomplete, second-degree burns in humans (DFUs).

Through the application of an undivided extracorporeal shock wave (uESWT), SoftWave TRT’s unique technology enhances recovery by encouraging both a physical and biological response. It has an anti-inflammatory capacity, regulates immune cell activity favorably, stimulates mesenchymal stem cells, and releases substances that aid in healing and regeneration. The shock wave also has both immediate and long-term analgesic effects and gets involved directly in the communication systems of pain. 

Science Supports Softwave Therapy 

  • We have received thorough training as medical professionals using the TRT OrthoGold 100 SoftWave, the only Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) device that is now accessible. These goals are supported by scientific evidence while using this tool:
  • Stops the inflammatory reaction at the treatment location right away. Results often include the removal of muscular adhesions and stiffness as well as an instant and long-lasting reduction of chronic pain. Increased range of motion is a typical outcome.
  • The blood flow continues to improve for the patients. Increased ATP and the release of several immune components during SoftWave therapy have been associated with angio/vasculogenesis, or the creation of new blood vessels, at the treatment site.
  • TRT SoftWave’s potential to attract and induce endogenous stem cell creation has been verified by science, opening the door to actual internal healing.

Softwave Therapy Reviews 


Below are some of the reviews from patients who have undergone the softwave treatment. 

Chelsea – 

Chelsea, a 39-year-old, has been suffering from Scoliosis since a young age and rods in her spine since she was 14. She underwent Softwave therapy TRT for her treatment. She got her first stem-cell machine treatment to get rid of the chronic pain. She says, “I haven’t experienced pain after the first session itself.” 

Cindy from Virginia 

Cindy from Virginia has a very unique story. She had some foot issues, so she decided to go for stem cells. Cindy got the therapy done on her foot and her knee and it was totally worth it.

She says, “I spent all my retirement money on stem cell engineering. After the first session, I felt a lower pain in my toe and knee, and I was able to walk better.” She spent $6000 on each session, but she was quite hopeful that the therapy will be done and she will be relieved in 4-5 sessions.

She was able to walk better after the first session on the hardwood floor, which is usually quite a painful affair for her. 

Joy From Minnesota 

In this video, Dr. Jeff May, the first doctor to have the softwave machine in Minessota presents the case of his patient, Joy.  After her first soft wave treatment, Joy was full of joy, no pun intended. 

Before her treatment we see Joy struggling to walk. She needs to push herself up in order to stand up. After the treatment, we see a different Joy. She is now able to walk and doesn’t need to push herself up. Joy finds herself speechless and in tears. 

Softwave Therapy in Sports 

You tend to concentrate on treatments that have been successfully used for pain or injury when your body has to be in top condition to make ends meet. SoftWave therapy is used by professional, semi-professional, or collegiate teams to maintain top-notch physical conditions. The treatment is renowned throughout the world and is now accessible to everyone in the United States, including athletes and anyone who suffers from chronic or other types of pain.

  • MLB, NBA, and NFL teams, including the Atlanta Braves, Brooklyn Nets, Cleveland Indians, Chicago Cubs, NY Knicks, L.A. Lakers, and many team athletes, all use SoftWave therapy. Among the numerous groups utilizing SoftWave therapy are:   
  • Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, L.A. Lakers, Chicago Cubs, NY Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, and several team athletes are among the MLB, NBA, and NFL franchises.  
  • Athletes have been effectively treated with SoftWave therapy. According to a UK physician, he had great success treating “patella tendinopathy, ” severe inflammation of the primary tendon that joins to the lower part of the kneecap and shin bone that has frequently been ripped or deteriorated in some instances.“
  • All of the athletes he treated had undergone surgery to address their problems, but they were still in excruciating pain, had trouble running or walking, etc. After receiving ShockWave therapy, these athletes were finally able to start, complete, and return to their rehabilitation programs, which involved playing sports on global fields in front of large crowds of spectators.

Should You Try Softwave Therapy?

 Independent research has demonstrated that software Therapy is effective in treating a variety of medical conditions and helps heal bones and regenerate muscle tissues. The findings show that up to 91% of individuals recuperate successfully. Individuals who want to stop treatment, prescription medicine, or injections now have the option of using softwave Therapy.

Softwave Therapy in the San Francisco Bay Area

Soft Wave Therapy In San Fransico Bay Area

We have to keep in mind that softwave therapy is a novel technique. Right now there are less than 1000 softwave machines out there. 

While this treatment is not available in many parts of the United States, it is currently available in the San Francisco and San Jose area. 

Located at the heart of Silicon Valley, Unlimited Chiropractic and Wellness Center is proud to be offering both Shock Wave as well as Soft Wave Therapy. 

When looking for alternative medicine treatment it is important to choose a medical professional who knows what he is doing. 

Choosing the right medical professional

Alternative Medicine Professional

When looking for an alternative medicine treatment, it is important to choose a medical professional who knows what they are doing. Qasem Al Sawad is a certified medical professional who specializes in alternative medicine. 

Al Sawad patients are of all demographics, and he has experience treating all types of medical conditions. As an avid believer in the miracles of alternative therapy,  Al Sawad was one of the first medical professionals in the bay area to invest in softwave technology. 

Unlimited Chiropractic and Wellness Center remains one of the few clinics in Silicon Valley to offer shock and soft wave therapies. 

And the results are incredible!

Every day Dr. Al Sawad receives many messages from patients thanking him for alleviating their chronic pain symptoms and improving their overall quality of life. 

From accident survivors who have chronic knee and neck pain to men suffering from ED and other sexual performance issues, Qasem Al Sawad has seen it all. 

“I feel a sense of joy when my patients tell me that soft wave helped alleviate their symptoms, I feel like I have done my job,” says  Al Sawad.

“I have patients coming from all over the San Fransico Bay Area, Some of them traveling a few hours to just receive soft wave therapy, it is just incredible!” He added. 

Cost of Soft Wave Therapy 

When seeking medical treatment, it is important to know how much it truly cost. No one likes getting ripped off. 

If you survey the internet, you will see varying estimates of how much soft wave therapy costs. Some chiropractic charge as much as $1500 per session!!!

But how much should you be paying for this novel therapy? 

If you are interested in receiving soft wave therapy, you can expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $300.

The Cost of Soft Wave Therapy at Unlimited Chiropractic in Santa Clara 

At Unlimited Chiropractic we are a patient-first clinic, that’s we are offering the softwave therapy at an all-time low rate for first-time patients.